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Luna's Premium Truffles Professional Brush

Sale price25,00 lei

Delivery information

Delivery in 24-48 hours from order confirmation.

Shipping days anywhere in Europe are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Discount thresholds depending on the quantity ordered.

Luna's premium truffles

Partner account

We collaborate with Horeca, supermarkets and other types of businesses to offer certified premium truffles. Register a partner account for access to personalized pricing and discounts.

Certified premium truffles

We guarantee the quality of our products and our small distribution chain ensures increased freshness.

Luna's Premium truffles

Our guarantee

Mountain product, quality assured and certified. Our truffles come from mountainous areas and are harvested with the help of dogs. We guarantee a fresh (when in season) and high quality product, even if we sell them dehydrated or frozen. The quality is ensured thanks to our way of packaging and the techniques used acquired after years of experience.