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Our story

In the silence of the forest, truffles grow, a few tens of centimeters underground, in a perfect relationship with
the rhythms of nature. Each truffle represents the fruit of the work of the truffle hunter and the dogs, who take on the role of magicians for hours of searching. The life of truffles is in perfect symbiosis with that of the tree around which it grows, exchanging minerals and water with it, thus helping each other.
Truffles also help the tree extract certain minerals from the soil and the tree provides the truffle with the water it needs to grow.

Our connection with truffles was created nine years ago and over time we learned to discover and love them, now they are part of our lives.

Old and experienced truffle growers know that the Moon, the natural satellite of the earth, plays an important role in the growth and development cycle of truffles. The full moon helps the truffles to grow and we often go to harvest truffles with this aspect in mind.

In fact, a member of our team, Luna the puppy, inspired the name of the brand, Luna's Premium Truffles.

Our product portfolio includes fresh truffles (black truffle Tuber aestivum, black truffle Tuber uncinatum, white truffle Tuber magnatum pico, white truffle Tuber bianchetto), four varieties of olive oils flavored with white and black truffles, salt flavored with truffles, an assortment of the best quality organic olive oil, a grater and a cleaning brush.

All our products are made by hand and with great respect for the natural habitat of the forest, picking only ripe truffles. We consider ourselves shadows of the trees, trying not to disturb the life of the forest and respect its natural rhythms.

The three dogs we have (Luna, Maia and Cora), specialized in searching for truffles, are our best helpers, becoming members of the family.

We invite you to get to know us and to consume with love and confidence the products manufactured by Luna's Premium Truffles!



It is the Hungarian whiskey Luna that inspired the name of our brand, Luna's Premium Truffles. She has an extraordinary spirit of adventure, exploring the forest far and wide, being the fastest of the group of three dogs.

Her brown hue fascinates us, as does the suppleness and refinement specific to the breed.

As it is delicate, it is the only one that contributes and brings us undamaged truffles. When encouraged, she gains confidence and follows the faint scent of distant truffles, thus discovering new places.

She has a strong personality, being very upset when the other two puppies appeared on the team and taking time to accept them.


Maia the Labrador is the most experienced white truffle hunter, having the most experience in the group. She is very attached to her master, always standing behind him and who she only overtakes when she smells truffles.

He loves water and becomes very playful around cool water and valleys.


Maidaneza Cora has cheerful eyes and appeared in our lives seemingly by accident. I found her in the middle of the road when she was only a palm away and I took her with the idea of ​​looking for a shelter. Being very affectionate, we immediately attached to her and she became a member of the puppy team. The leader of the group likes to be held, feels and communicates the faintest sound of the forest, and her ace up her sleeve is that she finds even the smallest truffles (some the size of a peppercorn).



He was born and raised in the countryside, being fundamentally connected to the land and nature. He loves the forest, with all its secret rhythms, dedicating the last nine years to the knowledge of truffles.

Consider the truffle as something mysterious and special because it comes from deep in the earth, growing in cyclical rhythms with the succession of seasons. He raised all three dogs since they were small, carefully and patiently building a deep relationship with them and becoming partners in the process of searching for truffles.

He loves the whole world of truffles, considering them both fragile, with all the elements they need to grow – moisture, the right soil, symbiosis with the trees – but also strong because they have the gift of remaining in the visual, olfactory and gustatory memory of those who come to discover them and understand their complexity.


He spent his summer vacations in the countryside, developing a strong connection with nature.

For several years, since he started looking for truffles in the forest, he discovered his courage, experiencing new things every day through the encounters that the forest offers him. In addition, he acquired three reliable friends: Luna, Maia and Cora.

How are the truffles for Tony? Shiny, being like black diamonds when washed and retaining water droplets on their surface.

What did truffles bring to her life? Friendship, warmth, understanding, taste and love.

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