Black truffles (tuber macrosporum)

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Black truffles Tuber macrosporum are found from September to December, growing in Romania in hill and mountain forests. This rather rare variety is a very demanding truffle species in terms of climate and soil conditions. The black truffle grows underground, usually at a depth of 5-15 cm. The black truffle Tuber macrosporum is popularly called large-spore truffle or garlic truffle, being a truffle in great demand.

Since ancient times, people have consumed truffles, considering them to have magical powers and used them as food, aphrodisiac and medicine.

The inner labyrinths of the black truffle Tuber macrosporum are reddish-brown. The flavor of this black truffle is more intense compared to summer truffle and autumn truffle. The body (flesh) of the truffle is firm and compact, with an aromatic smell, reminiscent of garlic or fermented cheese. The taste is savory and resembles that of the Piedmont white truffle, Tuber Magnatum Pico.


Tuber Macrosporum black truffles are stored in the refrigerator (1-3 degrees), for 7-10 days, in a glass container, in a generous layer of rice or individually wrapped in a paper napkin. Truffle must remain dry for best quality and flavor. Replace the paper towel regularly every 2-3 days to prevent moisture build-up. Truffles can be frozen for 3 – 6 months, but some of the flavor is lost.


Truffles are cleaned of impurities under a jet of cold water, with a special brush. Fresh truffles are added as a finishing element at the end of boiled or cooked dishes, because thermal processing will reduce the flavor of the truffle. True gourmets prefer this type of freshly grated or sliced truffle over pasta, bruschetta, risotto or polenta with butter.

To thinly slice fresh truffles, we recommend Truffle Slicers.


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tuber macrosporum


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