Black summer truffles / tuber aestivum vitt.

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Black summer truffles, Tuber aestivum, are found from May to September. They grow at low altitude, in the lowland forests of Romania. In season, the price of a kg of fresh black truffles is lower compared to other types of truffles. Fresh truffles from Romania are also highly appreciated internationally.

On the outside, black summer truffles, Tuber aestivum, resemble autumn black truffles, being black in color and polygonal in shape. The inside of the truffle is grayish-yellow in color, with white veins like a spider’s web. Towards the end of summer, the interior turns a darker brown. Summer truffles have a delicate, discreet flavor reminiscent of porcini mushrooms mixed with hints of garlic, chocolate and hazelnut.

The black summer truffle is not as strongly scented as the white truffle, but has a subtle, pleasant flavor.


Fresh black truffles are stored in the refrigerator (1-3 degrees), for 7-10 days, in a glass container, in a generous layer of rice or individually wrapped in a paper napkin. Truffle must remain dry for best quality and flavor. Replace the paper towel regularly every 2-3 days to prevent moisture build-up. Fresh forest truffles can be frozen for 3 – 6 months, but some of the flavor will be lost in the process.


It is cleaned of impurities under a jet of cold water, with a special brush. Summer truffles are suitable for flavoring raw or cooked dishes. Truffle is used grated or thinly sliced and added at the end of the thermal preparation of food in order not to diminish the truffle flavor.

For easy slicing of fresh truffles, we recommend a truffle slicer

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